Chinese “Little Giants” visiting Fischer HRM

“Little Giants” is the Chinese name for companies that are called “Hidden Champions” in our country. A delegation of twenty managers of these companies from Guangdong Province was in Germany last week at the invitation of our cooperation partner, the Association of German Hidden Champions. Maria Fischer, our Managing Director, […]

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Veranstaltung CIIPA Neujahrsempfang

CIIPA New Year’s Reception in Frankfurt

The “CIIPA & Partners New Year Reception” at the Literaturhaus Frankfurt is a wonderful opportunity for German and Chinese managers to exchange ideas and plan joint activities. The Head of the China Desk of Fischer HRM Wanjun Huang would like to thank Yaojun Xu and China International Investment Promotion Center […]

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Human Resource Management in Germany: Talent Acquisition and Labour Laws

Recruitment in Germany and Europe is even more challenging for Chinese companies than it is for German companies. Our Head of China Desk Wanjun Huang provided information on skill shortages, intercultural communication, relevant laws, the German talent market, and recruitment channels in Germany. Occasion: Seminar “Human Resources Management in Germany: […]

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Veranstaltung Jobmesse Hannover

„Greater Bay Area Job Fair 2022“ in Hannover

Wanjun Huang, Laura Ostermann and Mario van Husen represented our China Desk at the “Greater Bay Area Job Fair 2022” in Hanover. It was clear from the many questions, that the keynote speech by Wanjun Huang, head of our China Desk, on all topics related to corporate recruitment was well […]

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Veranstaltung Business Empfang 2022

NRW China Business Reception 2022

The NRW China Business Reception 2022 was a very interesting event, reported our Senior Consultant and Head of China Desk Wanjun Huang. Many thanks for the great organisation by NRW.Global Business, Duisburg Business & Innovation GmbH and Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH!

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Wanjun Huang

Current recruiting challenges at the China Update 2022

Our senior consultants Wanjun Huang and Nanhui Qi presented “Current recruitment challenges for Chinese companies in Germany” at #ChinaUpdate2022. They also addressed the question of what benefits companies can use to attract new employees. The virtual event was organised by the law firm Hoffmann Liebs, which specialises in HR issues. […]

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Veranstaltung RWTH Alumni

RWTH Aachen Alumni Meeting in Munich

An alumni reunion is often the best way to maintain contacts and reminisce. Therefore, RWTH Aachen alumni Yilin Jin (degree in electronics) and Nanhui Qi (degree in metallurgy) decided to organise a reunion in a Munich restaurant for all former Chinese students. This year’s celebration brought together over forty alumni […]

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Veranstaltung Merger Investment

Chinese Cross-border Investment and M&A Summit in Shanghai

The Chinese company and pioneer in M&A MorningWhistle Group hosted the Chinese Cross-border Investment and M&A Summit for the 6th time. Investors, top banks, law firms, accounting firms – M&A experts from all over the world – gathered in Shanghai to discuss opportunities for a Chinese company to expand in […]

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Veranstaltung KI-Supermacht

„China – becoming a superpower with artificial intelligence?“

Fischer HRM invited a small, exclusive circle to Industrieclub Düsseldorf to discuss the importance of China on the global AI market. Speaker Georg Stieler, Managing Director of Stieler Technology- & Marketing-Consultancy GmbH & Co. KG with a Shanghai branch, travelled to Düsseldorf to present his in-depth knowledge and experience to […]

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