Chinese “Little Giants” visiting Fischer HRM

“Little Giants” is the Chinese name for companies that are called “Hidden Champions” in our country. A delegation of twenty managers of these companies from Guangdong Province was in Germany last week at the invitation of our cooperation partner, the Association of German Hidden Champions. Maria Fischer, our Managing Director, and Wanjun Huang, our China Desk Manager, visited Zülow AG in Neuss with them.

Zülow corresponds perfectly to a hidden champion company: Managed by the 2nd generation, very successful in a niche business (electrical engineering for airports and large companies), a consistently very high level of company affiliation and a broad assumption of social responsibility: restoration and protection of the historic Gut Gnadental building as the company headquarters, chairmanship of the board of the Düsseldorf Entrepreneurship Association and founding and management of an association of the regional hydrogen industry by Jutta Zülow and NRW state chairmanship of “Die Familienunternehmer” by David Zülow. Many thanks to Katharina Leuffen, Managing Director of Wasserstoff Hub Rheinland e.V., to Markus Gronen and to Christopher Klasmann for the guided tour at Gut Gnadental.

Afterwards, Wanjun Huang introduced the guests to the challenges of the German labor market and recruitment in Europe. The following discussion was obviously extremely lively, but only understandable for the Chinese native speakers!

Many thanks to Georg J. Türk, founding member and managing director of the Association of German Hidden Champions e.V., for the very good cooperation.