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Your company’s success in China and Europe depends first and foremost on the qualifications and personality of your employees, who are responsible for doing business with China in Europe, or who work for you in China. We specialise in the search, selection and successful placement of specialists and managers with a connection to China in a wide range of industries. It is crucial for us to not merely fill a vacancy. Our job is to find the best person for your respective vacancy and to establish a long-term and sustainable relationship with your company. In doing so, we are happy to take into account your individual requirements and specific features of your corporate culture.

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Voices from our customers

Fischer HRM GmbH aims to attract the most suitable talent to our company. As a Chinese company that wants to establish itself in the German market, localisation is an essential step. Fischer HRM GmbH offers more than just headhunting, the client receives tailor-made advice regarding the requirements of strategic HR development. We look forward to further cooperation with Fischer HRM GmbH.

Yang Lan
Director of Investment & Operations - Sumec Industry & Engineering GmbH

The expertise and effective service of the Fischer HRM China team have successfully bridged the gap between us as a Chinese company newly entering the European "shores", and the perception of a foreign employer by local talents. During our communication, Fischer HRM has shown great patience to meet our requirements in every aspect, some of which even exceed the headhunting field. We look forward to further developing our cooperation with Fischer HRM in our future business.

Gulliver Guo and Chin Zhang
International Sales Director and HR Manager - Guangdong Fans-tech electric Co., Ltd.

First of all, I would like to thank the China Desk with Ms. Huang at the core for the continuous attention and support to our company, even though it proved difficult with the candidates on several occasions. During these difficulties, you were able to maintain the expectations of the project and eventually successfully recruit for the position. In the midst of this project there was a change in contact persons, the candidates also changed their minds several times. It was your persistence and positivity that quickly drove the progress of the whole project. With the tireless efforts of the China Desk team, the ten-month project finally achieved good results. The pressure and challenge were great, it was the same for me as a client. They helped us find a balance between the cultural differences and ways of working between China and Germany. The rigorous and professional teamwork of the German side and the flexible and efficient way of working of the Chinese side also helped us a lot. Finally, I would like to thank all the members of the China Desk, especially Ms Huang, for their hard work. I look forward to working with Fischer HRM again.

Jessie Jin
HR Manager - Anonymous client

Fischer HRM is THE place for your HR needs - personnel management, headhunting. Mr Nanhui Qi is a great person to work with - professional, quick, effective, patient. He is the person I can rely on, trust and is also a pleasure to work with. This is a great experience for a new company just setting up in Germany! I can't thank you enough. I also thank NRW Invest GmbH for their strong recommendation.

Jack Wang
Geschäftsführer - Whealth Lohmann GmbH

Fischer HRM's China Desk helped us recruit key personnel and the process was very professional. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with Fischer HRM!

Jia-Liang Chen
General Manager - SMS Elotherm Induction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The Fischer team showed flexibility and very good service and customer orientation during the whole process, so we are willing to continue to cooperate with you in the future.

Anonymous reference
European Sales Director - anonymous client

Voices from our candidates

Ever since my first contact with the Fischer HRM China Desk team, I have appreciated their listening skills and professionalism. Their approach was very personalised to my specific professional situation. They always responded promptly to my inquiries and provided me with accurate information at each step of the selection process. I also appreciated the match between the information in the company profile or the descriptions during the interviews and the reality of the company that I found after being hired. Naturally, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me. Thank you very much, Team Fischer!

Anonymous reference

I have now been working for one of your clients since mid-January and would like to thank Mario van Husen, Laura Ostermann and Nanhui Qi for the placement and support during the application process. I am very happy to have received this professional opportunity through you and look forward to my new tasks with excitement.

Anja Bemnarek

Indeed, everything has gone according to plan so far and I was advised very well and professionally by Fischer HRM GmbH. Throughout the application process, I always felt that I was treated competently and discreetly. Thank you very much.

Eduard Aul

The whole recruitment process was very professional. The consultation by the China team in particular was excellent. In this respect, I would recommend Fischer HRM anytime.

X. Wang

I would like to thank the China team from Fischer HRM. From the first contact to the conclusion of the contract and beyond, I felt myself to be in good hands and discreetly looked after. The entire process seemed very well structured. The communication was goal-oriented and objective, but always friendly and respectful. The interests of my new employer as well as my own were compared in detail and summarised again at the end, so that no misunderstandings could arise. I would like to recommend Fischer HRM and am now looking forward to my new professional task.

Mirko Rust

As things stand today, I have already been in my new job for 5 months. Both Ms Ostermann and Mr Qi, two wonderful counsellors, have been in touch frequently to enquire about me. With the help of their advice, I was prepared for my job interview and salary negotiation. I am so convinced of the quality of the agency, that I have recommended them more than once. I even helped the team to grow with the addition of a working student, which I'm sure Ms Ostermann can confirm. Now I turn to the reader of this reference: You can't go wrong with Fischer HRM. The consultants are friendly, quick, have a global reach and have an overview of various markets. See for yourselves.

Anonymous reference

By approaching me via my Xing profile, I got in touch with a very interesting employer, where I am now employed. Throughout the application process, I was openly informed and prepared by the consulting company. The interviews were friendly and pleasant. The appointment process was also very customer-oriented and quick. The internationality of the company and the intercultural understanding of the China team encouraged me to change to this employer.

Annette Kievernagel

I felt excellently looked after at all times by every colleague and staff member I got to know, and can recommend you to every acquaintance and interested party.

André Telm