„China – becoming a superpower with artificial intelligence?“

Fischer HRM invited a small, exclusive circle to Industrieclub Düsseldorf to discuss the importance of China on the global AI market. Speaker Georg Stieler, Managing Director of Stieler Technology- & Marketing-Consultancy GmbH & Co. KG with a Shanghai branch, travelled to Düsseldorf to present his in-depth knowledge and experience to the engaged and interested participants.

Especially in the field of face and voice recognition, China is the global technology leader. Various factors contribute to the dynamics that make up the Chinese AI market: China has the world’s largest number of internet users and a correspondingly huge pool of data, which sets an advantage for machine learning. Other factors are the phenomenon of “leapfrogging” as well as intensive state support.

China is catching up with the USA in terms of the amount of funding for AI and R&D. It also has the world’s largest number of STEM graduates, many of whom stay in China after graduation or return from abroad.

The discussion that followed revolved mainly around the question of what this means for Germany and Europe. Above all, the cultural bridges between China and Europe should be strengthened massively to promote mutual knowledge and appreciation. We thank Mr Stieler for his time and interesting lecture.