Nanhui Qi as speaker at the Tsinghua alumni event

Germany-based Alumni from Beijing’s Tsinghua University (清华大学), one of China’s most prestigious technical universities, celebrated the 107th anniversary of the parent university on 29 April 2018. The alumni, most of whom had travelled from NRW and Baden-Württemberg, came together at Benrath Palace to take part in the event organised by […]

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Veranstaltung Haus Vionville

Chinese Art in Düsseldorf’s “Haus Vionville”

Chinese and German company representatives were introduced to the intricacies of the Chinese art scene by Leonie Spiekermann (Artgate) at the invitation of Fischer HRM in the Art Noveau villa “Haus Vionville”. Düsseldorf entrepreneurs are not only interested in economic cooperation, but also in the lively interaction between the German […]

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Veranstaltung China-NRW

Fischer HRM at “China meets NRW”

Under the slogan of “Discovering New Markets”, the German-Chinese Forum took place in Düsseldorf in mid-September 2016. Maria Fischer, Managing Director of Fischer HRM, moderated the panel discussion on “Healthcare in transition – cooperation between China and Germany”. Guests of the panel were cooperation partners of the China Desk of […]

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