Nanhui Qi as speaker at the Tsinghua alumni event

Germany-based Alumni from Beijing’s Tsinghua University (清华大学), one of China’s most prestigious technical universities, celebrated the 107th anniversary of the parent university on 29 April 2018. The alumni, most of whom had travelled from NRW and Baden-Württemberg, came together at Benrath Palace to take part in the event organised by the Düsseldorf China Center.

Among the speakers was our senior advisor Nanhui Qi, who spoke on the topic of “How much influence does studying at a top Chinese university have on opportunities in the German job market?”. He emphasised the importance of the individual network for development on the German labour market. In his work as a personnel consultant, he sees more and more examples of successful Chinese graduates in Germany. In the course of deepening German-Chinese economic relations and intensifying cultural exchange, he was confident that this trend will continue in the future.